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Monday, April 13, 2009


I asked you to stump me and you succeeded. Goch432 sent me some images of a weird Barry Bonds card he's having trouble identifying.

Looks like a normal '88 Donruss back right? Hmm... that's a big shadow under the card.

Here's the front. Another strange shadow above his name. What's going on here? Let's look at the side:
Well there's your problem! This isn't a 1988 Donruss card at all! It actually looks like an 88 Donruss card stuck to the back of some plexiglass, then a cut out of Barry off another 88 Donruss card pasted on top of more plexiglass making a 3D kind of effect. I have no idea who made these things. My best guess is that they were sold as a novelty as a 3D baseball card by some third party. I'd wager if I looked through a bunch of old baseball card magazines from the late 80's and early '90s that I might find an ad for one of these things. I don't have time for that now though, so can anyone out there help us out? Who manufactured these things? Did a company do it? Was it a one-off art project? It's pretty unique at any rate.

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ManOfSteal said...

This looks kind of like the Tri-Cards produced by the Dad's Kid Corp., there are at least two different Rickey version that I know of. Here's an auction for a Robin Yount so that you can see a picture: