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Sunday, April 5, 2009

2009 LEMKEPALOOZA - 1993 Leaf

I finally heard Lemke on the radio for the first time this year yesterday, so it's time to start posing Lemmers. Here's his 1993 Leaf card.

1993 Leaf

Let's tally up the Lemke points for this card:

Two photos of Lemmer +1 point
Foil stamping +2 points
Holo-foil braves logo +3 points
Batting +1 point
Fielding +3 points
Ball visible on card +2 points
Eye black +1 point
The world's largest bas-relief sculpture on the back +10 points

Total Points: 23

The lack of stats on the back were made up by the photo of Stone Mountain. It's sad that this set was so mind blowingly awesome when it was first released and now you can buy a truckload of the stuff for about $1.95. It's still better looking than about 80% of the stuff released in the past five years.

Opening day is finally here and you know what that means... 162 chances to hear Lemke on the radio pregame show. Oh glorious day!


deal said...

yep luv those cards. The Phils cards have independence hall and the liberty bell on them - they look great.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

You probably won't believe this but the same day you posted this I won a box of '93 Leaf on eBay for $11.24 delivered. Scary. I can't put into words how awesome '93 Leaf is but I can't wait to rip into that beauty.

Billy Suter said...