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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I get anonymous questions

I got a couple of anonymous comments asking about a card so I guess I should answer it here since I don't know who it's from. I'd think it was grcl if it weren't about a Giants card.

i was just wondering how i could find out what my cards worth it was given to me by my grandpa when i was little and it doesn't have a date on it all it says is giants field leaders and it shows charlie fox in a bigger picture then there's coaches and one says joe amalfitano, andy gilber, don mcmahon and john mcnamara and it looks like a really old card on the back it has number 252 inside of a baseball and on the bottom it has this **and a c with a circle around it then T.C.G.. PRTD. IN U.S.A.

Does it look something like this?

I don't have the exact one that you have, but it looks like you have a team manager and coaches card for the San Francisco Giants from 1973 Topps. Here are some eBay auctions with images of the card. Don't be fooled by the prices on the auctions though, that one auctions that has it at $99.95 is for a PSA 9 graded card. Graded cards go for weird prices on the market, especially vintage cards. The $30.00 one is autographed. Plus, just because someone is selling it for that much doesn't mean someone will actually buy it for that much. A good ballpark figure for a value on that card by itself is about a buck. A lot depends on the condition though, if the card is beat up it would probably only sell for a dime or maybe a quarter. If it was minty fresh, it would sell for more. The most recent sale was for a near mint card from a set break that went for $3.01. An excellent/near-mint example of the same card failed to sell for 99 cents. I'd say a fair range for this card would be about a dime for a beat up card, a buck for a nice example with decent corners and no creases and maybe 3 bucks it's it's a really nice copy with no dings at all. Its monetary value is really only worth what someone would pay for it. Since you got it from your grandfather its sentimental value is probably worth a lot more than a buck.

Here's the back or my card with the T.C.G.. PRTD. IN U.S.A. line on the bottom. This is a tricky card to date since there's no copyright date on it and there are no stats to go by. A way to research stuff like this is to take the things you know about the card and do a Google search for those items. We know it's a Topps card. The team is the Giants. Charlie Fox is the main person on the card. The card number is 252. Do a search for "Topps 252 Giants Charlie Fox" and you get this. It's not perfect, but the top link is to 1973 Topps Giants cards and the top ebay acution is for the exact card. You will have to play with the search items though, add Joe Amalfitano to the search and you get a lot of links for 1965 Topps. The best way to search is to start with a few items and then add more to narrow the search if needed.

I hope that helped, Mr. A. Nonymous. If anyone else has a question about a card they can't identify, try the search tips or leave a comment. If you just want to see if you can stump me, then bring it on, chumps.


deal said...

I know I have seen that card in a dime box more than once.

Goch432 said...

Lets see if you can be more help than the guy that owns my local money pit. I have a Donruss 88 Barry Bonds #326 except instead of being cardboard it appears to be plexiglass. Barry Bonds is raised up off the card. It's about the thickness of two national treasures cards.

dayf said...

Hmmm. that is tough. are there any identifying marks on it? copyright date? manufacturer?

Goch432 said...

Everything about it looks like the normal 326. The back says copyright symbol 1987 LEAF, INC. Printed in USA.

I mostly lurk on the blogs so I don't know if there is a way I can send you scan, if so I will gladly provide them tonight/tomorrow, depending on when I get home from work.