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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thorzul Cheapo Group Break

I bought into Thorzul's Five Dollar Group Break of assorted schtuff and I was able to pick up the Braves lot this time. The package arrived today with the cards wrapped in the Milwaukee home listings for added protection. I guess he's trying to hint that I should move up north so he'll have someone nearby that he can challenge to a game of Star Wars Attacktix. Most of the cards were from the past 6 years with a few vrom the early '90s. I've picked out 10 cards of note from the package.

2004 Upper Deck Mike Hampton

I miss Hampy. I wish he had been able to actually play through most of his time with the Braves. One of the reasons I was a Hampton fan is right here: the guy could really play defense. Look at him blocking the plate and mailing Alex Gonzalez of the Marlins. He didn't steal that Gold Glove away from Maddux, he earned it. 2004 is a pretty good design from Upper Deck too. It's tought to see in the scan but there is a little image of Turner Field in that blue bar under the photo.

1993 Score Select Traded Greg Maddux

This is probably one of Gregs best looking cards. It looks better in person as the gold name and stripe in the blue border is invisible on the scan. The regular version of '93 Score Select is kind of crummy looking with green borders on somewhat cheap stock, but the traded version is nice and glossy. The photo of Maddux is great. Greg is smiling broadly now that he's away from that cursed franchise he used to play for.

2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Chipper Jones

2003 Play Ball was basically the Beta version of Goudey. 2004 Play Ball... well you can see for yourself. Looking at this card of my favorite player, I can honestly say that 2004 Play Ball is the most gawdawful ugliest set in the history of forever. If anyone would like to contest this fact make your case in the comments.

2003 Topps Bubba Nelson 1st year card

Oddly, this was the only card inthe package that was in a penny sleeve and the sleeve was on upside down. I have nothing more to add other than this: BubbaBubbaBubbaBubbaBubba.

2006 Co-Signers Chipper Jones

Odd, the gold foil scanned weirdly on my card too. That's really the only reason I chose a Co-Signers card for the post. Co-Signers is Joanie and Chachi to Stadium Club's Happy Days.

2009 Heritage Jeff Francouer

Ah, I love me some Heritage. Frenchy looked good in Spring Training, but he better get it together in the regular season or the yellow, white and black border on this card will be foreshadowing his trade to the Pirates.

2008 Playoff Contenders Cole Rohrbough

I think this is both my first '08 Playoff Contenders card and my first card of Rohrbough. Cole is part of a wave of Atlanta pitching prospects that is supposed to hit the bigs in the next few years. I'm glad to have the card, but it reminds me of how lame Playoff baseball card designs used to be.

1993 Score SelectGreg McMichael All Star Rookie Team

DUFEX!!! Kick ass. This might be the best card in the bunch. I've never had one of these in my mitts before so I'm loving it.

2005 Upper Deck ESPN Javy Lopez ESPY Award Winner

ESPN doesn't appeal to me at all and the '05 card set makes me sleepy. I hadn't realized Javy won an ESPY though, so what the heck, let's share the knowledge. ESPYs are still stupid

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Tim Hudson

With all the problems UD had with this set, I'm actually somewhat surprised that Tim Hudson is not in an A's uniform here. This set is still stupid

There were 55 more cards in the package, not bad for the price of a UD Hobby pack. Here's hoping Thorzul finds another huge lot of junk cards soon so there can be a third cheapo group break!


night owl said...

I got my cards yesterday. Mine were wrapped in something a little more disturbing than home listings. Post on its way eventually.

madding said...

I hope there's another cheapo group break someday, too. I enjoyed the cards I got. I'm just behind in posting, as usual.