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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spot the Sig Runner Up Prize

Phungo ran a contest where he would post a signature and readers could guess who it was for fabulous prizes. I spotted Jeff Francoeur and Casey Kotchman oddly enough. For my spottiness, I won a runner up prize package, kind of like the case of Turtle Wax and a copy of the home game, just with baseball cards. 12 cards filled out the package, I've scanned my top 5.

2006 Upper Deck Fake Chrome Chipper Jones

Ah, it scans just as lousy as Chrome. I don't care because Chipper is a BRAVE FOR LIFE.

2007 Topps Heritage Albert Pujols

I love the '58 design and Prince Albert has eluded me for two long years.

2009 Phungo Burres vs. Garko black border insert

w00t! Another Phungo card! I will probably have to trade this to Kevin or one of the legion of Indians fans out there though.

2007-2008 Topps basketball Tim Duncan retro

I love this set and I am one card closer to completing it now.

2005 Fleer Russ Ortiz (back)

Many of you never experienced 2005 Fleer Tradition, the baseball card equivalent of a B-grade horror flick. So incredibly awful that it's awesome. Here's the green and orange nightmare of a back. It's even worse looking on the gray border parallel cards. Russ Ortiz pwned the Bravos in a recent Grapefruit league game, so I figured he deserved a little love.

Honorable mentions:
1985 Topps Jeff Dedmon
2002 Bowman Chrome Winson Betamit
2007 Topps Chrome Andruw Jones Gold Glove
1981 Fleer Bob Horner
2005 Fleer Platinum Soxy Smoltz
2006 Fleer Ultra Jeff Francoeur Gold Medallion
2005 Fleer Tradition Rafael Furcal

Thanks again to Phungo for the cards!

1 comment:

deal said...

Enjoy the cards, Glad I could knock some stuff on the old want list.

As I remember you did a pretty good job on the bonus questions too.

I am pretty sure Spot the Sig will be back next off-season. Team Phungo thanks you for your participation!