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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1981 Fleer Wantlist

Time to start attacking another set. The reason I picked '81 Fleer is simple. About 5 years ago I bought a big lot of junk cards at a flea market and included in the pile of mess was a binder with a near set of 1981 Fleer. I combined my cards with the set I got in the lot and am pretty close to completion now. Plus, the set is already in a binder so I don't have to fool around with putting cards into pages. You have to admit, out of the big three sets that came out that year, Fleer is probably the best looking of the bunch. I say this even while having an extremely emotional attachment to my '81 Topps cards that I bought whenever my grandparents went shopping at Matthew's Supermarket that summer. I'm just going after the set and not all the whacked out errors and variations though. I'm not dedicated enough to go chasing those things right now.

1 Pete Rose
5 Mike Schmidt
78 Joe Morgan
84 Dick Howser
86 Ron Davis
88 Ron Guidry
89 Goose Gossage
91 Gaylord Perry
93 Bob Watson
94 Bobby Murcer
96 Jim Spencer
99 Johnny Oates
100 Fred Stanley
101 Ruppert Jones
103 Joe Lefebvre
106 Doug Bird
107 Mike Griffin
184 Eddie Murray
196 Johnny Bench
200 Tom Seaver
223 Fred Lynn
488 Ozzie Smith
493 Tim Flannery
515 Paul Molitor
638 Carl Yastrzemski
640 Mike Schmidt
645 Triple Threat
654 Checklist 507-550

655 George Brett

Special limited time offer!

First person to send me a trade offer (make sure I can find your e-mail if you leave it in the comments) for some '81 Fleer gets absolutely free* the six '81 Fleer cards below. By my count, that's 5 Hall of Famers and one Hall of Awesome player in that mix.

Can ya believe Tom Sawyer came out in 1981? I can't.

Have: 659/660 - 99.9%

Thanks to: Jason F., Don S.

*whenever you see the words absolutely free, it isn't. Take this example - these cards aren't free... you have to dig up your '81 Fleer cards and compare your doubles to my want list and then type me an e-mail and send it to me all while rushing to make sure you're first so you can get the cards then wait anxiously to find out if you get the cards or not because I'll be out at a meeting pretty much all afternoon. That's a lot of work! Then you have to mail off your end of the trade which costs money to boot! There ain't no free lunch, kiddos. Remember that before you are suckered into another offer with a bunch of fine print this this.


Duane said...


I have 88 and 638 for you


Bay Rat North West said...

this is your lucky day. I have all of them and will get them out on next Tuesday.

Kevin said...

The Onion just made fun of Chipper Jones - it's time to go off on them.