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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tonight's Matchup in Philly

The crafty old lefty geezer who will be pitching until he's on Medicare...

versus the young stud whippersnapper who will get a huge Boras negotiated salary in a few years.

Ah, good ol' 87 Donruss orange. so soothing to the eyes.

'09 Upper Deck back. Simple, elegant, easy to read. Hey... wait a minute...

Jamie Moyer's debut:

Jair Jurrjens' birth date:

1986 was a pretty good year!


MattR said...

Good catch!! I'd like to see Mr. Moyer pitch some more -- he's one of the very few active players older than I am (I was born 9/6/1966).

jim_bob said...

Great win by the Braves tonight!