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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well that was quick

Within hours of posting my 1981 Fleer wantlist, I lined up 3 trades to complete the set. Joe offered to send the cards I needed as well. Talk about speedy service! I guess this proves that people jut want to get rid of their 1981 Fleer cards as fast as they can. I couldn't imagine why...

Thanks to Duane, Jason & Don for knocking this set out for me!

Two more items of interest before I start studying for a test and writing up my Goudey pack rip:

Thanks to Kevin and Thorzul for tipping me off to this awesome Onion article about a Chipper Jones fan. To anyone still bewildered by that young man's choice, think about it:



He's just proud of his hero, man. And he wants to be just like his idol one day.

Finally, to Chris Harris:


The reason for my affection shall be posted soon. Time to study right now.

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