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Thursday, April 9, 2009

2009 Heritage Retail Pack

This is the first retail pack of Heritage I bought. I actually bought five of them all at one, this is just the first one I opened. I also bought them a month ago and am now just getting around to posting the pack. Yes, I'm slow. It was worth the wait though! Well, not this pack actually, There's not much in here. No duplicates at least. But the other ones - they will be worth the wait! Well, most of them anyway. I'm not selling these posts very well am I?

55 Nate McLouth

Nate McLouth hit 26 homers last year?? According to the cartoon on the back one splashed down in the river. Do Pittsburghers (Pittsburghians?) camp out in kayaks on the river to retrieve home run balls like in Frisco? Wouldn't they all die of hypothermia right now? Why white letters on pink? So many questions...
322 David Murphy

I will be confusing this guy with the Mets' Daniel Murphy for the rest of my life. I know I will. He's got a wicked cool card though.

57 Win-Savers

K-Rod is gone, but Shields remains as the Angels' set up guy. He might get a few saves id Fuentes struggles. I'm not feeling very snarky today so I'll leave K-Rod and his new team alone.

152 Jorge Cantu

Jorge's already got two homers for the Fishies. LEt's hope he can get a few more in the series against the Mets this weekend!

235 Ryan Freel

What what what? Ryan Freel is an Oriole?? That's not right, Ryan Freel is a Red. He'll always be a Red. He can't not be a Red. The Reds wouldn't trade Ryan, give me one reason why anyone would trade Ryan Freel. He talks to invisible midgets in his head? Ok, it's not a 6-foot invisible rabbit, but that's still not a good reason to trade Ryan Freel. Shame on you Reds!

298 Aaron Cook

Aaron got hammered opening day, but it's a long season, he'll bounce back. That ERA will look ugly for a while though.

The cartoon where Aaron leaps out of bed into a dead sprint while suffering from pulmonary embolisms risking his very life just to play in a ballgame made me chuckle far too much considering the curcumstances.

273 Alex Rios

So is Alex Rios any good or is it simply Canadian trickery like when they conviced us that Vernon Wells was a superstar? 'Cause I keep hearing he's a star and then I look at the back and see 15 homers, 79 RBI and a .291 average with a 111 OPS+. That's a decent outfielder in my book, not a superstar worthy of a Mayo Cut Plug insert card.

105 Brad Penny

It's in the original set too, but white letters on a pink background is not a smart idea. B A P N Y is now a Red Sox hurler, which weirds me out just as much as the Freel thing.

The packs get better from here on out. There's always the occasional stinker with no inserts or SP's in Heritage though. they seem to be hitting me one in every five packs like clockwork. I'll give you a hint though - there's a short print of an MVP in the next pack. Can you guess who it is?


Captain Canuck said...

Rios is really good, but where you hear the most noise is from fantasy team owners. There, Rios is VERY good...

Captain Canuck said...

Canadian trickery?????

dayf said...

Yes, Canadian Trickery you Flames stealers! You got Joey Mullen and we got Patrik Stefan. Trickery!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

As far as balls going in the river at PNC Park it's very rare. The distance to right field is prohibitive, there is the 21 foot high fence in honor of Clemente, there are seats above that, but the worst part is a wide river walk behind the stadium making an on the fly river shot nearly impossible. Daryle Ward (while as an Astro not as a Pirate) is the only guy I know that got one in on the fly. McClouth bounced his in the drink off the river walk as have a few others. Still a heck of a clout. Besides power McClouth has good speed and won a Gold Glove last year and threw out a run trying to score in the All Star game. I just hope they lock him up to a long term deal.

awvolz said...

As a Reds fan, the only thing I liked about Freel was his hustle and disregard for his own life and limb. The Reds had a need at catcher so they traded a utility player for a starting catcher, Ramon Hernandez. Ya gotta give something to get something.

jim_bob said...

I just bought my first 2 packs of Heritage retail last night at the good old Target. This stuff is not too bad. I like the cartoons on the back. No hits, just one shortprint and I think I'll save the gum for later.