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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Set Building Progress Report

Ok, my goal this year was to build sets and build them I have. I haven't actually completed any one quarter into the year, but I've made some significant progress. Here's what I needed January 1st, and what I need now.

1979 Topps:
Needed January 1st - 139
Need April 1st - 28

1983 Topps:
Needed January 1st - 19
Need April 1st - 2

1984 Fleer:
Needed January 1st - 89
Need April 1st - 8

1987 Donruss:
Needed January 1st - 48
Need April 1st - 3

1991 Topps:
Needed January 1st - 17
Need April 1st - 2

2003 Topps205 Minis:
Needed January 1st - 21
Need April 1st - 19

2006 Allen & Ginter:
Needed January 1st - 74
Need April 1st - 41

That's some pretty good progress right there. I couldn't have done it without help from these readers:

Chris Harris, Saints of the Cheap Seats, Bay Rat North West, Mr. Haverkamp, Todd Querry, grcl, Duane, Night Owl, Jeffrey Wolfe, Don Sherman, HookMan, Kevin, Albukwirke, Duane G, Matt P. and probably a few more I forgot but will add soon.

Also thanks to local shops Champion Sports Cards, Atlanta Sports Cards and the Sports Card Alley.

I'll be posting a few more sets soon since I'm getting close on many of these. 1993 Upper Deck, 1981 Fleer (don't judge me), 1983 Donruss and a Topps set to be named later. Thanks again for all your help and don't hesitate to ask for help in completing your own sets. I might take a month to get back to you but I'll get there eventually.

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