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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

John Kennedy

Apr 22 1957

On this day 52 years ago, John Irvin Kennedy pinch ran for Solly Hemus of the Phillies to complete the integration of the National League. John ended up stranded on base. He would only play in five games for the Phils, would get no hits and scored one run. The Negro League star was stuck without a position as the Phillies had traded for Brooklyn shortstop Chico Fernandez right before the season started. I've seen some sources say Kennedy integrated the Phillies while others credit Chico who actually made his Phillie debut on April 16th, opening day. It doesn't really matter as the fact remains that both African American and Cuban players would have never been given a shot at playing in the majors just a decade earlier. Chico had a decent career in the majors and got a handful of cards to show for it. John Kennedy however is not featured on a single trading card as far as I'm aware. It's possible he has been featured in a recent oddball or regional set like Helmar, but if a card of him exists I haven't found it.

Can't some manufacturer step up to the plate and give John a card? Just one?

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