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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Survived the Braves' 2009 Home Opener

I got off to a late start because I wasn't sure if they'd call the game or not, I got stuck in traffic and missed the first two innings, I spent over a half hour looking for parking, the rain hit the moment I entered the stadium and didn't stop for almost 2 hours, I got utterly drenched and was soaking wet all night (still am actually), the cast of Squidbillies was sitting three rows behind me and were drinking plenty of party liquer, the bullpen was typically shitty, the Nationals tied the game twice on bizarre plays and sent it into overtime, I froze my ass off soaking wet while the wind blew all night, the game didn't finally end until 1:30am, I couldn't get onto I-85 when I left because the signs led me to a carpool only entrance, I got lost looking for another way onto the interstate and ended up in Buckhead somehow, and I got home at 3am.

BUT - I got to see Jordan Schafer get a leadoff hit in the tenth and watch Kelly Johnson bring him home to win the game. The same night the Mets and Phillies lost. Awwww yeah. In honor of these two fine gentlemen who let all of us fans who stuck it out finally get home, here are their at-bat music selections for '09:



These two are not only great ballplayers, they have impeccable taste in music!


Ben said...

I don't know about that play in the ninth that let the tying run in. Part of me thinks it's probably best that Gonzo tried to make the play because that ball looked destined for center and two runs probably would have scored. But if Escobar or Johnson had been able to get to it, they would have had a force play somewhere to end the inning. Who knows. It all worked out in the end, but it was a stressful ending.

Kelly Johnson quickly became one of my favorite Braves players after 2007 and I was relieved that they didn't trade him away this winter.

Schafer is starting to ease my mind about troubles in the outfield too. Frenchy had a big hit to put the Braves on top for a little while too. I'm still concerned about him though.

But hey, it's still early.

night owl said...

Jordan Schafer likes Rush? That's awesome. I love it when the kids like the classics.

I thought of you as I waited at work to get the freakin' game in the newspaper. It never made the paper.

Captain Canuck said...

It's all my fault. With not being able to see the games here, I turn to "watch" them on the foxsports website. I've seen two innings this year.
The Phillies scored 8 in the first one, and the Nats scored three in the next.
I may not go to the foxsports website ever again.

Chris Harris said...

You can't get much different that an Objectivist prog-rock band from Canada, and a Marxist rock band from California.

DaveH said...

Peter Moylan said on "The Regular Guys" that his intro music this year would be AC/DC's TNT. Don't know what happened be he still came out to Men at Work's Down Under. Disappointing. At least he started to settle down. Looked good in Saturday's game.