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Monday, April 20, 2009

Chipper Hit Watch - Game 12

When Chipper Jones is in the lineup, the Braves are 6-1 (and should have won the one game they lost). When he's out, they are 0-5. Now do you understand why I won't mind if he only plays 120 games?

Hit #9:
Third inning
Single to right off of Zach Duke
Chipper scored twice after he got on base due to a fielder's choice in the first and was hit by pitch in the seventh

2009 Batting average .333
2009 OPS - .938

Card provided by Dinged Corners

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Big D said...

Chipper Jones is a fantastic player and I believe a sure thing for the Hall of Fame. I'm surprised he didn't have a better World Baseball Classic - I really thought he would have shone.