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Friday, April 17, 2009


By the Marlins. At home. Ugh. Chipper didn't even get a single hit. Heck, he barely played due to that jammed thumb. Can't blame it on Jones though, he doesn't pitch in the bullpen. To add insult to injury, Yunel hurt himself in the on deck circle. The good news is I completely missed yesterday's game due to the weird 12:10 start. Oh well, it's a long season. To show I'm not a bad sport, here's some hair of the dog that bit us.

And the manager, Bobby's disciple come home to roost.

Off to Pittsburgh tonight. Let's hope Moylan gets a few games off along with Chipper and Yunel or else I'll be looking for Pirates cards this weekend. Arrrrr!


Billy Suter said...

I wouldn't mind you posting some Pirates cards, no matter if the Braves win or lose.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'll just come right out and admit I want the Braves to lose.

Bluesky said...

I was soooo excited after watching the Braves in the first week and now I have been knocked back down to earth. Their bullpen is horrible and now they can't hit the ball. Chipper is hurt again and Schafer keeps striking out. Oh well, at least Frencjie is hitting the ball well.