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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Retail Pack 2

If you haven't noticed, these have become my go to post for when I am too tired to think about anything such as researching 19th century racehorses for an Allen & Ginter post.

406 Dustin McGowan

According to the back of the card Dustin is from Ludowici, GA. I have never heard of that place before now and I live here. Apparently it's down by Fort Stewart. The back also informs me that Dustin is on the DL after an injury in '08.

164 Cincinnati Reds

This set has kickass team cards. No Wall 'o Doom on this card either!

91 Kevin Millwood

I miss Milly. He should have pitched that no hitter in a Bravos uni. Kevin looks sad about it too, especially with that odd streak by his eye. He looks like he's manga crying.

450 Justin Morneau SP

This is one of the better short prints in the set. He's on fire so far this year, hitting .324 with 2 homers and 8 RBIs. Maybe he has another MVP season in him.

The look on the catcher's face (who is half-owl apparently) cracks me up. Shouldn't he really be looking at the pitch? That's a good way to get popped in the noggin with the bat on the backswing.

311 Jason Marquis

Marquis frustrates me. He was another guy who should have been an ace. Now he's in Colorado.

342 Asdrubal Cabrera

I love the Masters, but I haven't paid much attention to professional golf since Tiger had kids. While following the leaders last weekend I kept seeing A. Cabrera on the leaderboard and all I could think of was Asdrubal. Because of that I had to root for Angel in the playoffs. It all fits, green background... green jacket...

104 Chris Davis

I'm not sure what this color is supposed to be on the bottom of this card. It's too orangey to be pink and it's way too washed out to be orange. The pink and orange on the original '60 cards are very bright unlike this. This is more of a peach color which did not exist in the original set as far as I know. Don't look at me like that, I write detailed posts about card number designs, what did you expect??

135 Devon Lowery

Now this is a proper orange. I'm going to have to pull out my Topps coffee table book with images of every card from 1952-1990 and look for peach now because it's going to bug me. Oh, yeah, baseball. Devon's in Triple-A for the Royals.

Three of the cartoons featured pitcher deliveries. Millwood it throwing nice and easy with a regal manner, Dustin shows the bad mechanics that put him on the DL and Marquis is violating at least three laws of physics.


Captain Canuck said...

you have a TOPPS COFFEE TABLE BOOK????!?!??!1!?

jimmy_d said...

Heritage is not a bad product. Funny story, I went to Target today specifically to buy a blaster of 09 Topps Series 1, but no dice! I didn't want to leave empty handed, so I bought a blaster of 09 Heritage and a jumbo pack of Topps.

Bay Rat North West said...

you have a TOPPS COFFEE TABLE BOOK????!?!??!1!?

Easiest way to get one is to "borrow" a friends library card and check one out. I knew a guy.
If not they pop up on ebay.

Mad Guru said...

That third pitcher motion cartoon looks suspiciously like a right-handed Mitch Williams.

And if you need horse racing research assistance, I'm your man.

madding said...

Ahh, Marquis. If you think he is frustrating, try being a Cardinals fan. I guess from your perspective, I wouldn't be happy that Adam Wainwright was part of that deal.

Hell, Marquis shut down the Cubs today. I guess nobody's going to be happy with him.

dayf said...


If you can find it, it's totally worth it even at the 'collectible' price.

Mad Guru - Kingmate and Tristan. Champion horses in the 1880s. Any info would be appreciated.

dinged corners said...

Agree that the team cards are super. Especially when the team is standing (for example, the Giants).

Mad Guru said...

E-mailed you some stuff on Tristan.