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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Timelines from....

Well, that's a good question. You see, what, what had happen... is I took all the packages I received over the past couple of weeks, wrote down the names in my notebook, numbered them for reference, wrote the number on the team bag for reference, and them promptly forgot where I put the notebook. So, while I know these cards are from package #3, I can't place a name to them at the moment. Hooray for organization! I'm sure I have an e-mail saved and will figure it out, but I'm going to post them anyway. This the giver of said Timelines sees this post, I apologize for my statterbrainedness and urge you to make yourself known in the comments.

There were three SP rookies in there including this one of Alexi Ramirez. I'm not sure if I've pulled an Alexi yet, this might be my first. He looks like a good young player for the Sox.

Man, Berkman is now the grizzled vet on that club...It doesn't seem right that Bags and Biggio are gone. For the record, I like floaty heads and don't think they are creepy.

Hambone! This was the last card needed for the die cut subset. I'm so happy I don't have to bother with these ugly cards any more. Josh has the requisite massive roller marks right down the center of the cards. Is anyone else sick of UD and Topps mangling half their cards right out of the pack? More importantly, am I the only person on earth who feels compelled to call Josh Hamilton 'Hambone'?
Yay! Another Flopudome rookie! It's a short print so I am extremely happy to check one more of those off the list.

Along with the timelines, there were three black back Heritage cards in the package. I'm so glad they didn't do that mess this year. This one is my favorite of the three (and Tim Hudson was in there) simply for the cartoon. Kitty with a baseball glove!

Thanks to $Loyal_Reader for these cards. I'll figure out who you are soon enough.


DaveH said...

I always call him "Hammy"

jacobmrley said...

sorry, float heads = creepy. floaty berkman head = extra creepy.

deal said...

when I first glimpsed at that cartoon I thought it was a dog catching a frisbee. forgive me I am a frisbee devotee.