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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chipper Hit Watch - Game 2

Two more hits for Chipper Jones as the Braves beat the Phillies once again. Bravos go for the sweep today.

Game 2: Braves at Phillies

Hit #3:
First inning
Double to center off of Jamie Moyer
Chipper scored when Brian McCann reached on an error by Chase Utley

Hit #4:
Solo HOME RUN to left off of Jamie Moyer
Chipper Scores and gets his first RBI
Jan Jones of Roswell, GA wins $1000 in the Georgia Lottery $1000 Home Run Inning contest

Both cards were included in a package from Jacobmrly, who has provided cards for several of Chippers' future hits.

2009 Batting average: .500
Career Home Runs - 409


deal said...

If the Braves played the Phils for all 162 games you'd run out of cards.

Groat said...

Watched it on CSS. Great game, I had a lot of fun.