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Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Sweep

Like Porky up there, Chipper Jones has a sore thumb. Also Like Porky,I was cussing a blue streak when the bullpen imploded last night. How is it even possible to walk in 4 runs? Just groove a fastball and get it all over in one swing for Pete's sake*. I watched the game on TV up to the point where Kelly Johnson struck out with the bases loaded when they were up by seven runs. Right then I know that even seven runs up that lead isn't that safe against that lineup in that park. I really wish they had just given up the Grand Slam. Oh well, there's a fresh series at home against the Nationals starting tomorrow.

To show I'm not a bad sport about it all, and since I can't post a Chipper card because he didn't even get in the game, here's a Phillie card of one of my Phavorite Phils.

Lefty! From the 1983 Fleer set. This is one of the last two cards I needed from that set for years. The card almost looks like a bootleg to me due to that strange grainy photo, but who in their right mind would ever counterfeit an '83 Fleer Carlton?

Check out those stats! He had a hell of a season for Rock Hill. The last line of stats is pretty good too, 23-11 with 286 K's in his last Cy Young year. I rooted like hell for Carlton to beat Ryan for the all time strikeout champ back then. Steve held it in 1983, but then Nolan Ryan passed him and played another decade. I still like Carlton better, even if he doesn't have a huge early '90s Pacific worship set featuring him. Heck, because doesn't have a huge early '90s Pacific worship set featuring him. Steve and Schmidt were a couple of the reasons I liked the Phillies back in the early '80s. Remember, the Braves were in the west back then and weren't a threat. Well, until 1993 that is. We won this series though, even with the bullpen collapsing like the banking industry! Bring on the Nats!

* long time readers will note that I use this phrase often. It is basically a way to keep me from saying 'for Christ's sake' and offending the easily offendable as well as an odd tribute to Pete Van Wieren. Man, I miss Pete. Jim and Don are great, but damn I miss Pete bad.

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Ben said...

I didn't see disaster strike. When I fell asleep on the couch it was 7-3, but when I woke up Jon Sciambi was telling me that somehow the Braves lost 11-12.

Oh well, two out of three ain't bad and if we can keep that up all summer thing'll turn out for the best.

I miss Pete and Skip too. All of my Braves memories of the past twenty years have their voices whether they called the game or not.