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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A 2009 Topps Heritage Jumbo Pack With Absolutely No Commentary Whatsoever

159 Shin-Soo Choo

46 Brandon Backe

13 Garrett Anderson

56 Hunter Pence

42 Pablo Sandoval

96 Phil Hughes

407 Randy Winn

NF6 USS Seadragon News Flashback

310 Mike Lowell

296 Mike Pelfrey

360 Gavin Floyd

163 Johnny Damon

117 Michael Bowden

258 Jack Wilson

Ok, a little commentary. After I had bought it I noticed that someone had opened the bottom of the pack a little bit so they could search the pack.


MattR said...

searchers are scumbags :(

AlbuqwirkE said...

Obviously not very smart searching since they overlooked that Jack Wilson card.

Thrash said...

I don't like how Topps patterns their cards. The first six or so cards were the exact cards I got in a pack the other day.

Oh, and pack searchers do suck. They discourage me from buying individual packs.