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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So Happy

Lotsa things making me happy right now.

I've been waiting for ages to see the Falcons draft like they did this year:
1 Peria Jerry Defensive Tackle
2 William Moore Safety
3 Christopher Owens Cornerback
4 Lawrence Sidbury Jr. Defensive End
5 William Middleton Cornerback
5 Garrett Reynolds Offensive Tackle
6 Spencer Adkins Outside Linebacker
7 Vance Walker Defensive Tackle



Then this article described Peria Jerry as "a rolling bucket of butcher knives" and I got happier.

I also found out that the Braves are giving everyone a free ticket for their birthday! Woo! Free tickets! Me likey free tickets. I'm so happy.

I got confirmation that this site will not go gently into that good night and will be hosted elsewhere soon. If anyone knows of good GeoCities Baseball cards sites, post a link so we can work on saving them somehow. Not letting good info get flushed down the drain makes me happy.

Also: I have made my peace with 2008 Heritage High Series. Considering Heritage is pretty much the only brand I'll even think about buying right now, that's a good thing. Letting go needless frustration makes me happy.

Finally, I've also gotten packages from Dinged Corners, Madding and Captain Canuck over the past few days and that made me happy. Unfortunately I don't have time to post them at the moment, because I'm swamped with real life stuff. That makes me happy too as I'm finally making some headway after the past couple of months. I'll post 'em ASAP and send a few packages out myself this week. Gotta share the happy.


dinged corners said...

When dayf is happy, blogville is happy. :D

night owl said...

Joy, joy! DC took the words out of my mouth.

PunkRockPaint said...

I saw the Beat Farmers (playing under the alias The Incredible Hayseeds) at a small club here in San Diego on the night that Ripken passed Gehrig (also my birthday.) There were (including my three friends and two bartenders) eight people at the show.

We got to hang out with Country Dick Montana after the show. Still dripping wet from breakdancing on the dance floor lubricated by a pitcher of beer, he spent a half an hour shootin the breeze with four college kids. He was one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

He asked my friends and me if we were in a band. When we said no, he said, "You are now. Which one of you's the dumbest?" My buddy Jake shrugged in acceptance. Country Dick laid his meaty hand on Jake's shoulder and bellowed, "You're the bass player... Don't tell mah bass player I said that."

After we bought him a beer (he had been cut off by the bartenders who had to mop up the floor after his breakdancing), he offered to tell us the meaning of life... We all leaned in close, and he whispered (in his deep baritone voice, it came out like an ominous growl from a caged lion):

"Its all about comportment."

After going home and looking up comportment, I had to agree.

Sadly, two weeks later, Country Dick passed away. He had a massive heart attack on stage in Canada.

That guy was the greatest. Whenever it rains, I think to myself, it must be Country Dick Montana pouring a pitcher of beer on a dance floor in heaven. The thunder is his laughter when the bartender angels have to mop it up. Rest in peace, Country Dick.

jimmy_d said...

I heard about the free birthday ticket deal last week and I'm stoked!