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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tony Gonzalez

I'll admit, when I first heard that the Falcons were looking into trading for Tony Gonzalez my initial reaction was "So they finally realized a young QB could use an impact tight end to throw to in the red zone? Woulda been nice if they figured that out last year before they kicked Alge Crumpler to the curb."

Then this morning I heard a rumor on the radio that it might be a big blockbuster sending off our first round pick in this weekend's draft to KC for Tony and Glenn Dorsey of all people. I had a freaking existential crisis last year because we picked Matt Ryan over Dorsey, and after being proven totally utterly wrong about Ryan they are going to go and trade for the guy I wanted in the first place?? As irrational is it sounds, I was ready to just give up football completely if my stupidity was rubbed in my face like that. I listened to my MP3 player the rest of the trip*. 

Then this afternoon, I got back in the car, turned on the radio and heard that Gonzalez was a Falcon. No salt in my wounds package deal, just Tony by himself for a second round pick in 2010. Now that it's real, now that the best tight end in the league is going to be wearing black next year, now that Matt Ryan is going to have White and Turner and Gonzalez to get the ball to, my reaction has changed a bit. 


Now go out and get a big side of beef for that defense Dimitroff. I'll quit second guessing you now. Probably.

* For anyone interested the first five random tracks on the player were:
Existential Blues by T-Bone Stankus
Tequila by The Champs
Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes
Boom by Bloodhound Gang
Paranoid by Black Sabbath


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

That's a sweet new target for Mattie Light.

Captain Canuck said...

and just for the record, it's tony gonzalez that will be wearing black next year. The best tight end in football will still be wearing white, blue and silver, just like he has his whole career.
Yeah Jason Witten! Boo yeah!

zman40 said...

Is that "Boom" with Vaniila Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle?

Stop while I drop these bombs, blowup this (place) like another ...

Sorry, that might be the wrong track.

Enjoy Tony. Win a Super Bowl for him!

Matt said...

Jason Witten has a long way to go before he is Tony Gonzalez. Similarly, Cowboys fans have a long way to go before...ahh, I'll play nice.