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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Set Completed in 2009

1987 Donruss

Duane G. and Jacobmrly tag teamed to send me the last four cards I needed for the '87 Donruss set. Duane stepped up with Pete Ladd:

and Jacobmrly provided the Boddicker,

the Dempsey,

and The Very Last Card. The card that turned this:

into this:

#522 Willie Hernandez

Many thanks to everyone out there who helped me complete this set: Jeffrey Wolfe, Don Sherman, Saints of the Cheap Seats, Duane, grcl, Todd Querry and Jacobmrly.

As a thank you for all of your help I had a little unannounced contest... A while back I received a 1987 Donruss rack pack (with Toys R Us price tag!) from Andy of 1988 Topps Cards fame and proprietor of a new blog, Traded Sets. However, I was so close to the set I never bothered to open it. SO... I put the name of everyone who sent me 1987 Donruss cards into a hat and had a drawing for the pack.

There are two rules to this contest:
  1. the person who receives the pack has to be willing to open it and post the pack rip so I can see what cards where in there.
  2. if Greg Maddux comes out of the pack you have to lie to me and not show him so I don't kick myself.
And the winner is...........

Jeffrey Wolfe

Send me an e-mail or a comment stating you accept the conditions and the pack is yours. I have a few packages to get together, but I should be able to send it out by the end of next week. Thanks again everybody!


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

As Curt Henning once said, "IT WOULD BE AN HONOR!"

dinged corners said...

Set completion, yay!!

Duane said...

awesome completion! I got to say though the Pete Ladd actually came from a pack that Mark from stats-on-the-back had thrown in box of cards he sent me, so while I score the goal give Mark an assist on that one.

Ben said...

Congrats Dayf.

Bay Rat North West said...


Please tell me you are not one of those people who put two cards in a page pocket so the back is not visible!

For the love of all that is Chipper, please tell me no!