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Friday, April 24, 2009

About Two Months Worth of Overdue Links part 2

Let's start this off with an announcement. Crackin Wax (who has a brand new title image that is very cool) is having another Box Buster Bingo contest featuring a box of 2009 Finest. Now to the blogs.

Once again, if you want a link on the side or to be featured in a post like this, just pester me.

I found out about this one from a comment left on my Sam Jethroe post. I should have known earlier just by virtue of all his Lebowski cards. Oh well, better late than never.

Offy's Sports Site

This is another attempt by Red Sox Nation to try to keep up with all the Royals fan blogs out there. It's a good addition to the Blogocube and I like to see a blog that posts cards of all sorts of sports. I also feel good that I'm not the only one out there who calculates the cost of their cards. Don't worry there's good ol' fashioned pack rips on there too.

Extra Innings

I have but one thing to say about this fine blog.

Old School Pack Buster

Mariners fan who likes to bust all kinds of stuff. This post here attracted my attention not only for the Falcons auto, but because I hadn't seen the Ichiro Heritage card yet. I C H I R O makes a lot more sense than A R A M I S.

Autograph Alert

Everything you could possibly ever want to know about shady autographs. Check out the most recent breaking story about facsimile Abraham Lincoln autographs cut off of original Civil War Service Certificates and sold as real. That way both a replica autograph is pawned off as real AND an actual historically significant artifact is destroyed. Actually, don't read it if you ever want to enjoy the latest "epic hit" cut auto out of a new product. I wish there was an RSS feed to link to to keep me updated.


This is a great reference to find out who all those guys are that you pulled out of your cases of Bowman Chrome and Elite Extra. Check out a profile of Future National League MVP Jason Heyward.

Long Fly Ball To Because....

Hockey and books? Sign me up! Also - who caught the reference in the title?

Time for the randomness:

Not a blog, but here's an insanely detailed Don Mattingly checklist.

Joe Collector broke a case of '08 Upper Deck Football Masterpieces. It was filled with equal parts EPIC and FAIL.

Awesome story about the Niekro Brothers from Night Owl.

Why yes, yes it is.

Can't. Stop. Laughing. At this.

I was a tabletop sports game nerd as a kid and this ad for a baseball game caught my eye. You can download the game with two teams worth of cards to try out, so if you have some time it might be worth checking out.

Speaking of free, free Robert Edwards catalog!

Lookit da cute widdle puppy! Who's a cute widdle puppy? YOU ARE! Yes you are a cute widdle puppy!


And finally, for all fans of bad comics: The awful, unfunny and utterly depressing Crankshaft is in the middle of a baseball themed storyline. Crankshaft is trying to discourage a young player from using steroids by arguing that cheating in baseball is actually a communist plot. No fooling. I think we need to haul Gaylord Perry up in front of the House Un-American Activity Committee.

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