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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 Topps Murad pack

The Hawks are up 1-0 on the Heat and game two is tonight at Philips. Time to open another pack of basketball cards to keep the good luck going. Let's do a pack of Murad, one of very, very few I've found out there. I've only seen Murad at exactly one Target in the entire Atlanta area and those packs were just sitting loose on the counter. I haven't seen a blaster or box of it anywhere else other than the local hobby shop. Of course, I don't have the cash to be opening cases of the stuff anyway, but still. It would have been nice to get one lonely blaster of the stuff. If anyone has some extra commons lying around you don't need, I'd be happy to trade ya something for them.

31 Gerald Wallace

I love the way these cards look. The horizontally oriented cards especially so. The backs are a little plain, but who cares. I think it's cool that everyone in this set is playing ball out in the middle of a field as well.

16 Josh Smith


Josh Smith shall dunk all over the Heat tonight and then block everything in sight on the other end of the floor. So... Happy...

135 James Worthy mini

This pack is getting quite awesome. I love pulling the retro stars and the mini makes it that much better. Worthy got overshadowed by Kareem and Magic, but James was a hell of a power forward.
Checklist 23 of 30

Ooooooooh saaaaaay caaaan yooooouuuuu SSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Enrico Palazzo's singing the National Anthem here.

85 Martell Webster

Blazer! More Madding bait. I'm sure he knows who this guy is.

186 Roy Hibbert RC

Yay! a rookie. I don't know who he is, but rookies are good right? Heck it might even be an SP! Maybe. I still don't know what the SP list is.

Good pack! Now, on to Victory! Go Hawks! HOOPLA!

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madding said...

Martell! he was our starting SF, but played only 5 minutes this year. screwed up his foot in the first preseason game, came back in December and broke something in the same foot.


Hibbert was a beast at Georgetown but I feel like he's going to end up being one of those players who was known as a "good college player."