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Friday, April 10, 2009

Braving the Storms

Ok, there's supposed to be hail and tornadoes and monsoons and frogs dropping from the sky any minute, but I've got free field level tickets to tonight's home opener and quite frankly I can't afford a blaster of First Edition right now, so if I miss this game it might be a year or two before I can go again. I wish it would stop thundering though. I'm heading out, wish me luck. Hopefully this guy:

will get a chance to pitch and this guy:

will be in the lineup tonight. Look for me in section 121, row 10 assuming I don't drown on the way there.

(Cards thanks to Dinged Corners. More from them will be posted soon)


Captain Canuck said...

Take pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dayf said...

Pictures tooken.

I need to get them developed though.