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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 Upper Deck First Edition

Looks basically the same as the regular set. There's a gold bar on the left side indicating this is the First Edition version, and the card is matte instead of glossy. Autograph hounds will like the finish on the cards, it looks like it's very sharpie-friendly. Ryan Zimmerman was numbered 299, so it's probably a 300 card set. Manny here is number 147 and that card is Dan Uggla in the Upper Deck set.

The backs are pretty much the same, but check out the bottom right corner. There's no hologram, but the register symbol remains floating out in space.

StarQuests look like the Gold Rare Version from the main set. At one a pack this is the way to complete that set if you don't mind mixing upthe rarity levels . There is also one UDU code per pack, so if you like that site First Edition is a good way to get cheap codes. I heard a rumor that Topps Opening Day was kiboshed. If so, this is a good cheap set for us scroungers out there who can't afford the hobby packs.


night owl said...

I think I like this a lot better than regular Upper Deck. The extra gold bar balances things out. And if you've got to like the matte finish.

gcrl said...

i also like the logo instead of the interlocking 'la'

madding said...

I haven't seen this stuff in person, but the images remind me a lot of the 2007 First Edition, which I can't stand. Last year's was fine. I think I just don't like gold, although it's more acceptable when it's glossy or foil.

PTBNL said...

I bought a few hobby packs of this. Cards 4-6 in the pack each had that characteristic UD roller mark. Their quality problems are starting to get out of control.