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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About Two Months Worth of Overdue Links

Note - this post quickly got out of hand so part 2 will be published tomorrow or Friday. If you want a link or a wantlist on there you have till tomorrow morning to let me know.

First things first.

Congrats to Stale Gum. Good luck buddy.

Here are a few want lists that I had purposely put aside to look through, but haven't had time to do so yet. If anyone else out here can help fill their needs please do so.

Voice of the Collector needs some 2009 Upper Deck.

Paul's Random Stuff wants Mets.

Treasure Never Buried needs stuff too.

I wish I was as organized as sruchris.

Thorzul wants to finish up 2009 Topps. Whoops, too late. Nevermind. Send him some Heritage instead, he'll love that.

Ok, now for the bloggy links. As always, if you want a link on the side and a mention in a post, you gotta pester me until I do it. And I'm slow as molasses on Pluto, just ask anyone.

Blue Jays Cards

This is pretty self explanatory, a blog about cards with Blue Jays on them. No, no, no. You know what I mean. Oddly enough I've seen basketball cards on the blog, but no hockey cards. Someone's going to have their Canadian passport revoked.

Weekly Box Break

Bay Reds North Joe rips open a box 'o cards every week. AND POSTS EVERY SINGLE CARD. Even the Cubs, as much as it pains him to do so.

Cardaholics Anonymous

Jawdy and JoeSamBob join forces to fight the forces of evil for great justice and the American Way. Oh, and also to post awesome cards and group breaks and stuff. They also apparently read some of the same comics I do...

Lake Effect Baseball Cards

A blog by a Royals fan (there sure are a lot of those) that is heavy on the Heritage with a big side of Alex Gordon. Sometimes both!

In The Game

Hasn't updated in a while, but has some cool basketball stuff on there. Hey, I told you I was way behind. Go give it some hits to try to coax out some new posts.

Baseball Blogga

A side project of the guy who does Poor Old Baseball Cards and Red Heart Cards (or are all three side projects of each other?) focusing on news and some more esoteric collectibles.

Ok, now for a few items of interest I've stumbled across in the past few days:

At this rate, The Big Lebowski Set is going to rival Yankee Stadium Legacy soon.

How can you tell when it's Playoff Time? This is how.

Yankee Stadium provides a real world example of the stuff you learned in Economics 101. H/t Shysterball.

Four episodes of a derailed project from the makers of MST3K and RiffTracks are up on YouTube to serve all your time wasting needs.

And finally, why the internets are awesome: Sexy People and Dork Yearbook. Not surprisingly, I have photos of me that would fit nicely on both sites.

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Greg said...

Hey, thanks for the link. I'm actually more of a Cubs fan than a Royals fan, but I try to keep that on the down-low because the Cubs (and most of their fans) seem to be hated pretty much everywhere. I'm a Kansas guy and like the Royals, but AL baseball isn't nearly as interesting because of the stupid DH rule.

(Lake Effect Cards)