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Friday, April 3, 2009

Tristar Obak

I was reading this blog post about #1 overall picks of the last 10 years when I noticed the Tim Beckham card had an Obak logo on it. To me, Obak is a minor league tobacco card set (T212 to be precise) featuring Pacific Coast League players on cards that are very similar to T206es. Tim Beckham wasn't around 100 years ago so I practiced a little Google-fu to figure out what the heck that card was. The Bay ultimately provided the answer. Tristar is inserting promo cards of Obak into their mini cases (mini case? wtf?) of 2009 Projections Series 1. I was blissfully unaware that Tristar Obak even existed even though Beckett apparently had a post on it over a month ago. Apparently there will be an Obak minor league set later this year to go along with the hinted at Topps206 revival. Or maybe not, I can't find any straight information out there and I don't have the inside connections that some of the other bloggers have. I'd prefer they all wait until 2010 to put this stuff actually, I might actually have some cash for cards by then.

Oh, one other thing: See that Matt Bush autograph in the post? That's mine! I like it when my cards become independently famous.

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Ross said...

I posted the sell sheet for Obak on my blog


Also, I pulled one of the Beckham inserts from the box I busted that I will be giving away very soon.