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Monday, June 30, 2008

Card Of the Week 6/30/08

Ok, you know the drill. Too busy, no time, here's card, text later. This post officially kicks off 2001 UD Legends week month on the Junkie. Check out that awesome stripe. Anyone know why the stripe is significant? You'll find out soon.

In the meantime, Since Bay Rat inexplicably asked for it in this post:



Ah, I have smart readers. Somebody guessed. We have a "game used jersey" card of Hank Aaron with a Braves uniform that he never wore during his playing days. Here's Hank's Dressed to the Nines uniform page. Try to find a uni with red pinstripes in there. The Braves had blue pinstripes from 68-71, but the red ones weren't worn until 1976. Hank was wearing this uniform in '76 though. A quick recap:

Hank wearing the Blue Pinstripes
Larry McWilliams showing off the horrific red striped unis
Red Stripe on the jersey card
So Hank was retired by the time these uniforms were used by the Braves. Hank has been part of the Atlanta Braves' organization since forever, maybe he was wearing the uniform as a coach? According to MLB.com, he was never a coach for the Braves. But Tommie Aaron was... Oh dear lord, did I way overpay for a Tommie Aaron jersey card? If I did, so did everyone else who bought a 2001 Legends jersey of Aaron 'cause they all have the stripe.

So I overpaid for the card, had to hound the seller for almost a week to get him to send me an invoice before I finally get fed up and paid with (blech) PayPal, once it arrived it showed up in a penny sleeve with wrinkles around the swatch, and the swatch may be from a Tommie Aaron or Rowland Office or Adrian Devine jersey to boot. But it's HANK. And besides, it says "Hank Aaron game-used jersey right on the back. It's got Richard P. McWilliam's signature and everything. Upper Deck would never lie to me would they? O God... I better watch more Shatner to get my mind off this.


Billy Suter said...

Wait a tick. I'm looking at Dressed to the Nines, and it says the Braves (either Milwaukee or Atlanta) didn't have red pinstripes on their unis until 1976, two years after Hank left. To quote Pink Floyd, wot's... uh the deal?

Billy Suter said...

Here's another thought:

The stripe could be from the red outline on the feather on the sleeves of the road uniforms worn from '72 to '75.

capewood said...

Old timers game?

I see Jay hit your page too.