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Friday, June 13, 2008

1989 Upper Deck Crash Davis

So yeah. I'm drooling over a fake Braves card. Thanks Orlando Sentinel for showing me another awesome card I can't have. Actually I have a color printer and three brand new ink cartridges, hmmm... Crash Davis would have been a hell of an improvement over Jody Davis in '89. We already know he was good with developing young pitchers and I'm sure he could have hit .169 like Jody. The Nuke LaLoosh reverse negative rookie card I can do without. If I want the rookie card of someone with a million dollar arm and a ten cent head I'll look through my John Rocker cards. He sure could have used a Crash and Annie in his life to kick his ass every once in a while. I think I heard on the Regular Guys that he allegedly might wear women's underwear though, but I thankfully have no confirmation of that. If you'll excuse me I feel the need to go watch a great baseball movie right now. A League of Their Own. That's right, Bull Durham is nice and all, but Annie Savoy sure can't hit like Dottie Hinson.


Bay Rat North West said...

Oh to have a game used swatch from Wildcats. It's the sport of kings. BETTER than diamond rings. I would want the head used bent locker piece most of all.

Captain Canuck said...

Baseball movies... you ever seen one called "Long Gone" with William Peterson?
A good one for sure...