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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little news while I wake up

Sometimes after working late every day for a week and ending up on an all nighter page that weekend, you just need to crash and sleep in. Till about 5:30pm or so. Like I just did. The dreams are always better on a flop crash, I just dreamt that I was a on a lacrosse championship team and then I negotiated a treaty that helped the Lobster People of Zimbabwe achieve independence. Not the people people, mind you, just the lobsters. Needless to say, I need some caffeine to help break away the cobwebs and get ready for some bloggin' tonight. Here's a few news stories to tide you over 'till I get back to posting.

The Georgia Bulldogs are one win away from the College World Series Finals in Omaha after comeback wins over Miami and Stanford. Those two teams play an elimination game, and the winner has to win two straight over the Dawgs to save their season. The last time Georgia won the first two games of the Series, Bulldog head coach Dave Perno was playing on the 1990 team that won it all. A tip of the cap to Joe, who reminded me about this in time to watch the game yesterday.

Mike Gonzalez is off the DL and back with the team in Texas. Not a nanosecond too soon either.

Willie Randolph finally got fired by the New York Mets. During a road trip. In the middle of the night. After dragging him through the mud for weeks. The Metropolitans, classy as always. Silver linings: Jerry Manuel gets a second chance to manage a team and Ken Oberkfell is called up from Triple-A to replace one of the many coaches that got the axe the same time as Willie.

Ok that's enough for now, I'm off to find some grub. I'll post something good tonight, I promise. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...

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