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Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome Autographs

Yay! Topps Chrome is out! That means autographs! Autographs that could be worth hundreds of millions of billions of dollars! I don't know what we're yelling about! I'm going to go out and buy several cases now! I might get a SuperDuperFractor! Then I can flip it on eBay and buy more boxes! LOUD NOISES!

So now that I've whipped you all up in consumerist frenzy, ready to forgo this month's mortgage, your child's college fund or half a tank of gas so you can run out and buy a case of Chrome for the autographs that will one day make you rich, what autographs can you actually get from 2008 Topps Chrome exactly? I got a checklist in a retail pack today, here are the Autographed Rookie Cards you can pull. This is from the retail checklist, I'm not sure if there's a difference between that and the Hobby checklist mind you. I will list out the rookies, the team they are playing for right now and link to their current MLB stats.

221 J.R. Towles - optioned to Triple-A Round Rock Express after 42 games with the Astros.
222 Felipe Paulino - on Astros DL, hasn't played this year.
223 Sam Fuld - Hitting .222 for the triple-A Iowa Cubs.
224 Kevin Hart - 12 games with the Cubs before being optioned, he is out with a concussion after getting clocked with a line drive while playing for Iowa.
225 Nyjer Morgan - Sent to Indianapolis, then recalled to Pittsburgh to replace DL-bound Xavier Nady.
226 Daric Barton - Starting first baseman for the Oakland A's.
227 Jonathan Albaladejo - Pitched 7 games for the Yankees, broke his elbow and is out for the season.
228 Chin-Lung Hu - Optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas 51s after 49 games with the Dodgers.
229 Clay Buchholz - Started 8 games for the Red Sox, is currently dominating at Triple-A Pawtucket.
230 Rich Thompson - Pitched 2 games for the Angels, is now with the Triple-A Salt Lake Bees.
231 Brian Barton - St. Louis Cardinals.
232 Ross Ohlendorf - New York Yankees.
233 Masahide Kobayashi - Cleveland Indians
234 Callix Crabbe - Rule V pick of the Padres, returned to the Brewers, now Playing in Triple-A Nashville
235 Matt Tolbert - Minnesota Twins rookie slid into first, wrecked his thumb and is on the DL.
236 Jayson Nix - Given the starting second base job by the Rockies, blew it and is now with Triple-A Colorado Springs.
237 Johnny Cueto - In the Cincinnati Reds starting rotation.
238 Evan Meek - 9 games pitched for Pittsburgh, now with Indianapolis.
239 Randy Wells - Rule V pick for Toronto, pitched one game for the Blue Jays and was given back to the Cubs. He's chillin' with Fuld and Hart in Iowa.

There's your autograph lineup. I say go for the case, I don't need to drive anywhere this month anyway.


Wax Heaven said...

Wow, that is all of them?
Dayf, thanks for making up my mind about a box of Hobby Chrome.

Anonymous said...

I pulled a Cueto auto today!
I actually like this year's Topps Chrome, but not for the autos.

Chris Harris said...

I love carpet....

I love desk....

I hate ToChro.

dayf said...

Unless there's some Hobby only autographs out there Mario, that's it.

Wax Heaven said...

Thanks for the heads up again, DayF!