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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Play Ball - Old and New

Today was a little too hectic to write up my post on the 2003 Play Ball base set, so instead here are some old and new Play Ball cards of some Braves. See if you can tell which are the originals and which are the Upper Deck cards. They're so similar it's SPOOKY.

Tom Glavine - Note that Tom both bats and throws from "From". Also note the hated M-Word on the back of the card.

Chipper Jones - I have literally hundreds, if not a couple thousand Chipper Jones cards, and this is the first time I ever noticed that he is 6'4".

Greg Maddux - 350 wins. Just say it to yourself. Three HUNDRED and fifty WINS. Oh it sounds so damn good.

Andruw Jones - I normally have a nice bit of schadenfreude whenever a player leaves the Braves for more loot and subsequently stinks (see: J.D. Drew), but I really want Andruw to be a Hall of Famer and you ain't getting in the Hall of fame hitting .165. What the hell happened to Druw?

Max West - Slightly above average first baseman for the Braves during The Dismal Period. He was the starting right fielder in the 1940 All Star game and hit a three run homer in his only at bat.

Gene Moore - Another one-time All Star for the Boston Bees. They had to send somebody I suppose. I want to know why his nickname was "rowdy".
Johnny Cooney - Johnny played baseball from 1921 to 1944, and 16 of those 20 seasons in the bigs were with the Braves. He started out as a pitcher, was out of the league in 1931, but returned in 1935 as an outfielder.

Frank Demaree - Frank went from an All Star in Chicago to a backup in Boston. Frank is on the only 1938 Goudey card I own.

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