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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sticky Sunday - Bleary eyed edition

Oh dear Lord, what the heck am I doing up at 5am blogging about stickers?? Buzzing pagers are a real pain in the keister. We're back to Fleer stickers finally after weeks of strangeness and holograms. This is one I got from FleerFan. This was the first Fleer sticker I ever saw with a blank back. All the others had stats or puzzles or cartoons or something on them. I didn't know what year this sticker was from until FleerFan explained it in this post. Blank backs are from the 1977 High-Gloss Sticker set, the first non-cloth sticker set in a while for Fleer.

This is the cap logo sticker. There's a second style sticker featuring the screaming Brave logo, but I can't find it right now so we'll stick with the cap logo for now. This is two stickers in one, you've got the Braves script logo and the cap logo A. This logo always seemed strange to me. I started following the Braves in '81 which is right when they switched over to the script A on the caps. Those uniforms always seemed to feel right to me, while the '70s style lower case A unis with the weird red pinstripes just seemed odd and creepy. Of course the '70's in general felt odd and creepy to me most of the time. The script Braves logo doesn't feel right either. The logo on the sticker is the version used with the screaming Brave full logo, just without the Brave. Check here to compare and see what I'm talking about. This logo screams '70s and I'm just an '80s kind of guy.

Thankfully the Braves have stayed pretty close to that '80's logo all these years. They ditched the Brave and added a tomahawk but it's essentially still the same. Having watched my Hawks do the logo and uniform switch every other year since the glory of the old Pac-Man Hawks logo I can honestly say that I much prefer when a team stays one logo and uniform design. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I couldn't imagine being an Arizona fan and having 5 Diamondbacks t-shirts all with different logos on them. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Then again if I were born five years earlier I'd be pining for the old red striped unis with the lower case a just like this card. Seriously though, red pinstripes?? What were they thinking? It's stuff like that that keeps me awake at night.


Bay Rat North West said...

team the ATL has stolen from Milwaukee.

dayf said...

which Milwaukee stole from Boston who stole the players from Cincinnati when the original Reds disbanded.