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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sticky Sunday - it's Sunday somewhere edition

All right, here's the 1991 Upper Deck Sticker just as I promised last week. As you can see, it looks identical to the '92 version except it's silver instead of gold. One per pack as well, so with a couple of boxes you can wallpaper your room with shiny hologram stickers. Don't expect a complete set out of those boxes though, because the collation for these stickers was terrible. One box I ripped had nine stickers each for the Twins, Pirates, Cardinals and American league. Blech. Luckily there were 18 billion boxes of this stuff out there and enough was ripped so these stickers are still fairly common. One thing I don't understand is why Upper Deck took horizontally oriented logos like the Braves here and squished them on a vertical card. Flipping the card on its side would have made a bigger and better sticker. As it is this is a pretty boring sticker. It's barely 3-D and they didn't put stars or anything in the background like on the White Sox sticker to avoid vast wastelands of boring nothing on top and bottom. At least UD had the correct logo. Up next week: 1990 Upper Deck stickers, assuming I can find one of the things.


Captain Canuck said...

when i'm done moving into my new house in a couple of weeks... I am SOOOOOO sorting these out and making a set.

Captain Canuck said...

Holy Crap!

I'm one short.... I need the CUBS!!!