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Friday, June 13, 2008

Upper Deck Has Exclusive Retail Inserts Too

Taking a page from Topps, Upper Deck has retail inserts exclusive to Big Box stores. Topps has been doing this for a few years with Wal-Mart's Baseball Card History and Dick Perez inserts and Target's Ted Williams and T205 cards in their respective packs. UD copies this in Series Two with two different insert sets found only in Wally World and Target packs.

The Wal-Mart inserts you've seen here before. The Superstar Scrapbook cards are fairly simple designs with a large picture, a title at the top and an unobtrusive name and logo at the bottom of a card with a colored border and a little extra gloss. I originally thought there were no Braves cards until I inspected the box a little more closely:

Well, there's Chipper right there at card number 4. I got confused because I read a checklist on the side of a Target blaster and ended up ignoring the checklist on the blaster I actually bought at Wal-Mart thinking it was the same. Here's the insert set for Target:

Hit Brigade! A little more gaudy than the Wal-Mart cards. It's funny that Chipper didn't make this insert set even though batting average is prominently featured. That's not all for UD though, Fat Packs are out and this is what they have:

The Diamond Collections reminds me a lot of an upper deck subset design from the mid '90s. I'm going to have to scrounge through my UD box to see what it is soon because it's driving me nuts. Here's Brian McCann from the set. There will probably be a Fat Pack Series 1 and 2 Combo pack released in the next couple of months too so there's at least one more insert set to look out for. I just need to find that Chipper in the meantime.


capewood said...

I'm on the road and don't have my collection with me (I'm not that crazy) but I'm pretty sure those inserts are from 1994.

Anonymous said...

Capewood is right. It's 1994 UD Diamond Collection:


Anonymous said...

I'm also pretty sure there was an Upper Deck Electric Diamond insert set around 1995 that you may have been thinking of.