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Friday, June 20, 2008

The Lost Box of Total Awesomeness - Hall of Awesome

Ok, the last post from the Lost Box was teh s uck. A buncha mid 80's commons, who cares. This post is better. There were 41 1984 Topps cards in the box. This has some good stuff in it. Guys like Julio Franco, Jack Morris, Andre Dawson, Jorge Bell, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Jessee Barfield and Alan Trammell. Any one of those guys would have been the undisputed superstar in those other piles of Topps crap. I'm not going to show off any of them though. No fair! Howcome Cliff Johnson gets his card scanned and posted but Andre Dawson's stuck on the sidelines? Because this post is for Hall of Famers only:

2 Rickey Henderson Highlights

10 Robin Yount

35 Don Sutton

60 Paul Molitor

216 White Sox Team Leaders

230 Pretty Ricky

240 Eddie Murray

251 Tony Gwynn

395 Steve Carlton All Star

400 Cal Ripken Jr. All Star

460 Dave Winfield

483 Fergie Jenkins

495 Rollie Fingers

500 George Brett

780 Steve Carlton

And yes, Rickey is a Hall of Famer. Rickey was in the Hall of Fame the day Rickey passed Lou Brock. Any writer that doesn't vote Rickey into the Hall of Fame on Rickey's first ballot is a menace to civilized society and will be tied up Clockwork Orange style and forced to watch Rickey as he stands in front of a full length mirror looking at a stark naked Rickey who is saying to Rickey "Rickey is the Best" over and over. 6 months or so from now it'll be official anyway so why wait.

So yeah, there's a lot of Hall of Famers in here. And you doubted the awesome. This is a good way to start a Friday. Up next: more awesome coming soon.

One more thing - Did anyone out there realize how many Brewers were in the Hall of Fame without seeing them all right here in one spot? That was an eye opener for me.


ManOfSteal said...

How could I not comment on a post that begins with an awesome Rickey card, continues to include his 1984 Topps (a classic) and then threatens HOF voters who don't induct him on the first ballot! I agree with you 100%, and even though everyone says that "no one is a unanimous selection," I can't see how anyone could not vote fore Rickey. I'm already starting to plan for my trip back East in July 2009, and can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of how great this set actually was. I always liked the design but when you look at how many HOF'rs are in it you have to appreciate it even more.

I wonder if 24 years from now we will look at a set from 24 years ago and see this many Hall of Famers?