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Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Afternoon Cartoon Contest

I found this cartoon on the back of a card today and I wanted to share. The look on the moose's face freakin' kills me.

Here's the contest: Answer these three questions:

1) What is the answer to the cartoon's question: What is known as the "bushes"?
2) What set is the card with this cartoon from?
3) What player is on the front of this card?

Send your guesses to dayf13 at gmail. Winner gets a 2008 Kosuke Fukudome Upper Deck rookie.

#3 is going to be tough, so here's some hints, 88Topps blog style:

I want to send out the winner's package tomorrow or Monday. If no one gets all three correct, I'll take the closest answer. If no answer is close I'll give it to the most imaginative answer so guess away!

UPDATE - Reader Don was first in with the answers! more details shortly...

Answers to the question:

1) The Minor Leagues
2) 1955 Topps
3) Rudy Minarcin

Don wins this here Kosuke Fukudome rookie card, which is not available in 2008 Topps, but is apparently triple printed in Upper Deck as I've pulled four of the buggers already.

Scott over at Hand Collated wins a runner up prize of some sort for coming in just after Don with the three correct answers. My evil trickery of cutting short the M worked, muahaha! More contests up soon, so hit that RSS feed button and keep watching.

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