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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Late '90s Gold

One of the things I'm working on right now is a complete reorg of my Chipper Jones collection. Get 'em all in one place, sort through and pick out the doubles, organize by year and company, get the good ones in top loaders and eventually get a list of what I have and don't have. I'm kind of intrigued to see exactly how many different Chippers I have. If anyone knows where I can get a find a list of the Chippers that have been printed without buying a Beckett Alphabetical Checklist for just one player, let me know. I have a checklist from the late 90's and Chipper already takes up two pages in that book. I'll bet he has a novel's worth of cards listed by now.

The latest bit of organizing involved pulling Chipper's pages from a binder of Braves cards I put together in the late 90's. I kind of hated to mess up a snapshot of my collecting from 10 years ago, but I don't want to do this halfway and need the pages for my next organization project. While sifting through a bunch of late '90s cards I felt the urge to pull the most gaudy, ridiculous and obnoxious inserts from the bunch. Here's a 9 pocket page full of the best for your viewing pleasure. Just click to enlarge:

In order from top left to bottom right:
1997 Pinnacle Away Jersey
1997 Score Team Collection Platinum Team
1996 Fleer Tomorrow's Legends
1997 Topps Team Timber
1998 Leaf State Representatives
1999 Ultra Thunderclap
1998 Collector's Choice Bobblehead
1996 Score Highlight Zone
1997 Upper Deck Ticket To Stardom

Wild and wacky stuff right? Wait till you see the subset cards... These were actually part of the base set:

In order from top left to bottom right:
1997 New Pinnacle Aura
1997 Fleer Update Encore
1995 Pinnacle Swing Men
1998 Donruss Hit List
1996 Upper Deck Beat the Odds
1998 Donruss Spirit of the Game
1996 Zenith Honor Roll
1997 Score Goin' Yard
1996 Ultra Ultra Stars

Oh the excess! All these crazy looking subset cards when a decade before you got a Rated Rookie or an All-Star card and thought it was the coolest thing on earth. I need to find an Aura card now for Lucy, she of all people would appreciate the total zen of that card. Thank goodness that crazyness is over, now I can post some nice safe boring base cards of Larry Wayne.

1998 Skybox Thunder
1995 Fleer Update cut off the box
1995 Zenith
1997 Donruss VXP 1.0
1995 SportFlix UC3
1998 Pinnacle Mint Collection
1996 Pinnacle Aficionado
1997 Fleer Metal Universe
1997 Fleer Circa

Ok, so absolutely nothing in the late '90s was boring or safe. I think the Skybox Thunder card is hypnotizing me. It's telling me to BUY MORE FLEER. I can't you silly card, Upper Deck bought them up and bumped them off. BUY JUNKWAX THEN. A WHOLE MESS OF FLEER FOCUS MAYBE. Whoa, I'm feeling dizzy. You guys enjoy the cards, I'm going to take a break to look for some cheap boxes on the web.


capewood said...

You can get what looks like an extremely exhaustive listing of Chipper (or anybody for that matter) on Beckett.com. You'll have to register on the site and set up a "My Collections" page. They you'll be able to search Beckett's database. I just did the search and it came back with a list of 8,109 cards. The list has minor league cards like "1991 South Atlantic League All-Stars ProCards Chipper Jones", odd-ball cards like,"1992-98 Highland Mint Mint-Coins Chipper Jones G/1500", and parallel like "2005 Diamond Kings Signature Materials Framed Red Platinum Chipper Jones Bat-Jsy". The card number for each card is also listed.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Late 90's! Yes!! Haha, nice stuff.

--David said...

Those are the cards companies in the 60's would have made if the technology had been there... That UC3 is really out there!

cpfiles said...

I have a preview version of that 1995 Zenith. It was part of some promotional items given to be at a hobby show many years ago. It is yours if you want it, just send me an email with an address.

Andrew Harner said...

I wish companies would go back to some of that kind of stuff. Even if it is just for one set a year. I would be the happiest collector around.