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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sticky Sunday - Late But Loaded Edition

Ok, so I'm not only late again posting a Sticky Sunday, when it was originally designed to be a Sticky Saturday, when it was supposed to be a showcase for Fleer stickers but I haven't posted a single thing from Fleer since May, and last week it wasn't a sticker at all, but a cheesy 'relic' card with stickers plastered to the card... what can I say, I'm a disaster when it comes to sticking to a project. Ha! I made a funny. Well, since I've derailed this sucker so badly, here's what I'm gonna do for you: You not only get one Upper Deck Sticker tonight, you get TWO! Both remaining stickers in fact. I'm gonna knock out Upper Deck and next week we'll have a brand old Fleer sticker from Fleerfan's stash. 'Cause that's the kind of guy I am. The kind that blogs about baseball stickers on a Sunday night. Here's the first one:

This is the sticker from 1990 Upper Deck. It's less than half the size of a normal card, but is a pretty good size for a sticker. The Braves' tomahawk logo fills out the smaller card better than on the large size anyway. The hologram is also different from the large size cards, it looks like someone modeled the logo out of clay before they holographized it. It looks a lot more cartoony than the normal logo which is not necessarily a bad thing. Unfortunately, the handle of the tomahawk looks... well, how to describe it. Let's just say I've been on the internet too long since I'm seeing stuff like that on a Braves sticker. Look up 'The Little Mermaid" on Snopes if you don't understand what I'm talking about. It's a good thing the scan is blurry or the blog might get flagged for filth. Another weird thing on this sticker is that dot on the B. That's not schmutz on the scanner, that's a flaw or something on the hologram itself. I need to find another Braves sticker to see if they all have the dot or if this is just a mutant sticker.

Here's a 1989 Upper Deck sticker. I scanned it lopsided and the brave looks terrible. Let's try this again.

Ok, a little better but not much. It's ok that I posted two '89 UD stickers, each pack had two of these small round stickers in them. At least two. I saw one pack where five or six of the buggers rolled out of it. These were pretty dang neat for the time although today I curse them whenever they start falling out all over the place while I'm rooting through my 80's junk boxes. As you can see, the old style logo is used here, and it fills up the sticker but is a pretty weak subject for a hologram. The design is pretty flat and there's not a whole lot of 3-D to it. Upper Deck was on the ball in one way, their 1990 stickers used the new tomahawk logo while Fleer still had the laughing Brave on their stickers.

So why did I start on the '92 stickers and work my way back? Because I had the '92 sticker handy when I started this thing. To tell the truth, I just found the '90 sticker about a half hour ago in my Braves box. I also found one other thing in that box and I'm gonna give it to you as a bonus:

I'm not sure where this sticker even came from. Maybe it was inserted into one of the Heroes sets that were released in 1992. Maybe it was given away at the game. I found it for 50 cents and snagged it because I didn't have it already. It's a nice oddball Braves card though and the pennant kinda sorta waves in 3-D a little bit. Too bad relics and autos have taken over the hobby, we could use some sticker innovation like this nowadays.

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