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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Throwback Day at Wrigley

Yeah! Afternoon baseball! Getaway day! And the teams are wearing throwback uniforms!

The hometown Cubbies were wearing their uniform style from the 50's with the blue hat and logo that makes you do a doubletake thinking it's a Reds cap every time you see it!

The Bravos were wearing their old style Boston unis with the black tomahawk and headdress logo on the sleeve because if they wore their Milwaukee unis a brawl might have broken out in ChiTown!

And best of all, the Braves played today just like they have been playing for the past week! Exactly like the 1935 Braves, one of the worst teams in the history of the game! Swept by the stinkin' rotten Cubs!

Someone please shoot me!

In the face!

With a Bazooka!

It's appropriate that we're playing the Angels next series 'cause we're dead.


Captain Canuck said...

seriously. Someone shoot Acosta. Blowing it in the 9th AGAIN!
then, if that weren't enough... some hasbeen/neverwas coming in and beaning a guy with the bases loaded in the 11th...

who does this?

Unknown said...

Come on, Braves...why do you pick now to play so poorly?

James B. Anama said...

Hey, the reason why they used the 1948 Uniforms was because they were honoring WGN's 60th anniversary of televising Cubs games on their station.

That year, the Braves finished in First. The Cubbies??? Dead last.

Nice to see the Cubbies win this one. Must be sad that the Braves can't win on the road. The fact that they lost by a walk-off hit-by-pitch makes it even more surreal.


JayBee Anama

dayf said...

So those were the '48 unis? Cool. I didn't hear which ones they were on the broadcast.

All these one run games on the road are killing me. We're a much better team than this. There's just no clutch hitting at all and the bullpen is in shreds.

Anonymous said...

Yep, looks like all that is left for this year is to root on Chipper.