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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Lost Box of Total Awesomeness - Show Your Bottoms

I've got a big pile of '87 Topps from The Lost Box of Total Awesomeness staring me in the face, and I'm a bit intimidated by it all. I'll leave that for later and instead show you a cool Griffey card from the box:

That's not cool, you say. That's just a 1990 Topps card. Ok the Rookie Cup is kinda cool. But the design is ugly and there's a crease and what the heck is up with the borders? And what's going on with the back?

HAY THERES NOTHIN ON THE BACK?? Ha ha! Fooled you! This card was cut off the box! Here's the cards off the bottom of the box:

E - Doc Gooden

I'm showing off the back of Doc's card because the highlight is so freaking astounding:

Mull that one over kids... 100 wins... BEFORE YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO RENT A CAR. A lot of pitchers haven't broken past Double-A by that age. A lot more are retired. Man, what could have been.

F - Rickey Henderson

Highlight - Rickey Henderson becomes 4th player to achieve 850 lifetime stolen bases.

G - Tommy Lasorda

Highlight - Tom Lasorda manages his 2000th game since becoming skipper of the Dodgers.

H - Fred Lynn

Highlight - Fred Lynn wallops the 300th home run of his 15-season major league career.

That was back when 20 homers a season meant something.

That's not all of the box bottom cards I found though, here's a cut up panel from 1991 Fleer. They did a No-Hitter theme since there were nine of them thrown in 1990. Here are the ones from the box I hacked up with scissors:

#3 Nolan Ryan

Note the backs are blank, and use a slightly crummier grade of cardboard than the Topps.

#4 Dave Stewart

#9 Dave Stieb

The Pirates get a logo card since they won the division the year before. Where's my 1992 Braves box bottom card dammit! Why did cards have to go high-tech right when the Braves got good?

So there's my awesome box cards from my awesome box. Next up will likely be those '87 Topps cards. I need to finish that post before the pile topples over and crushes me.


William Noetling said...

Ah yes, I remember the good old Box Bottoms - I loved them, what a nice "added value" they had. I liked the early ones best, especially 1986 because that nasty black border was replaced by a nifty red one.

shoeboxlegends said...

That Griffey card is great, one of my favorite cards from my childhood. I know a lot of people knock the '90 Topps set, but it was one of the sets I collected most and gives me a great nostalgic feeling.