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Friday, June 6, 2008

Congratulations Red Wings

2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champs. In honor of your achievement, I will post cards of the Red Wing players in EA NHL Hockey '94 for the Super Nintendo. With these players I kicked major ass, just as the Wings have kicked ass this season.

Steve Yzerman scored at will. Pansies would try to play me using Gretzky or Mario, and they would all be pwned by Stevie Y.

After a line change my opponents would breath a sigh of relief, then Federov would take the ice and skate circles around the chumps. Literally.

BEST. DEFENSEMAN. EVAR.* Scored more than Federov when I played.

Tim Cheveldae? Who the hell is he? I'm playing with Roy. Many games started with that statement from my opponent, and ended with great expletives from him instead.

Slava Kozlov was good for the occasional goal, more if I blinded my opponent with this shiny Leaf Limited card.

Every once in a while someone would get hot, and play me to a tie, and take me to overtime, and just when they thought they had a chance... WHAMMO Dino comes out of nowhere for the game winning goal.

Nicklas Lidstrom = shutout for Chevy. Hell, he's still with the team. Hell, he's the freakin' CAPTAIN.

Vladdie eats your puny forwards.

* not named Chris Chelios.

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shoeboxlegends said...

NHL '94 was great. If you have an X-Box 360 I highly recommend picking up NHL 2K7, very similar (and simple) play controls to NHL '94 but with modern day graphics.