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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Some words of wisdom to everyone out there who wants to be a manager.




sign up to be the manager of a New York baseball club as your first job as a "hot" managing prospect. You will be hailed as a savior for about 3 months, then the tabloids and the owners and the sports talk radio hosts will get bored and you will be meticulously torn down, slandered, beaten, vilified, chewed up, spit out, and panned in a New York Times dining review. The only managers who can survive in New York are baseball lifers, washed up bums with no place to go, the clinically insane, or all of the above. Very rarely will a wunderkind show up and be successful in New York, and even then they have veeeery short memories up there. Your best bet for maintaining your sanity is to find a nice mid-market team with a good front office and an owner too cheap to fire anyone in a multi-year contract and enjoy the rest of your life. In the meantime, watch this video and find out what kind of calls you're supposed to be taking at 3AM.


The Bay Rat said...

You seem to have forgotten Gil Hodges did it.

Anonymous said...

Either way, great post.