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Monday, June 2, 2008

So Much For Completing That Insert Set

Well, Topps has completely screwed any chance of me completing my Campaign 2008 insert set, by sneaking in a bullshit Running Man card and now a card of some dude who is making mad cash on the lecture circuit and wouldn't want the Presidency if the Supreme Court gave it back to him. All I needed was a stinkin' Huckabee card too. Well now that my dream of completing this insert set has been cruelly thwarted, I just have one thing to ask Topps:


You can demean your flagship product with gimmicky crap, you can lose market share to Upper Deck by allowing them to have the only legit Fukudome rookie card on the market, and you can run off your loyal customers with needless shenanigans, but you do not, I repeat, DO NOT FUCK WITH THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY!!!!!

* note - the first person to identify which three cards I used bits of to cobble this card together wins some cards or something. Hint: two I pulled in my last two box break posts and the third is exceedingly obvious.


Chris Harris said...

1: Fred Thompson for the "frame" and the "P"

2: Randor Bierd (rearranged) for the "Bob Barr"

3: Vernon Wells for the "L"

dayf said...

Close, wrong and kinda right but not really.

James B. Anama said...

Can I take a stab and say:

Barack Obama for the Presidential Candidate border and rearrranged name.

Random Phille card for the P
Random Blue Jay for the L


JayBee Anama

dayf said...

Getting colder, completely wrong, be more specific.