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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sticky Sunday - Upper Deck Month

Since it's Upper Deck month here at The Junk, I'm going to shift gears and post the short-lived hologram stickers that were inserted into packs of Upper Deck from 1989-1992 for Sticky Saturday Sunday Weekends. I'll start out with the 1992 sticker and go backwards. Why start with 1992? Because that's the sticker I found first.

This sticker is the end of the line for stickers inserted into Upper Deck products and can be considered officially the end of the line for baseball products with stickers as premiums. Fleer stickers gave up the ghost in 1991, and Upper Deck inserted these gold colored hologram stickers in their '92 set. These full sized team logo hologram stickers were essentially the same as the ones that were found in 1991 packs except for two big differences. The stickers were gold instead of silver, and they went from one per pack to a one per box chase card. That's right, stickers were now chase cards. The sound you hear is the echoes of my childhood dying in agony as baseball cards turned from a fun thing to collect to a growth industry with high-yield investment potential. You can't stick a one per box insert card on your notebook, imagine the book value! Ok, so I was never big into sticking my stickers all over the place anyway, but still. Out of all the '92 Upper Deck wax I bought, to this day I have still only pulled one damn sticker out of pack. And that was of the logo of the American League. For a National League kind of guy that is seriously teh s uck. I found this Braves sticker 16 years after the fact in a 50 cent box.

Baseball logo stickers were dead and this set killed 'em . A few more stickers popped up here and these. Glow stickers inserted into in Upper Deck Fun Packs. Logo stickers into packs for a Topps contest. Those were still insert cards. Not one a pack. Not easy to get. Listed in price guides with pull ratios. It's just not the same.


Captain Canuck said...

that's weird... I'm packing, getting ready to move in a coupe of weeks, and I found a box with around 300 of these little holographic wonders. Hadn't seen or heard mention of these in years. And yet here is one posted by my Georgian friend.
(of course the setbuilder in me wants to sort through them all to see if I have a complete set.... must resist...)

dayf said...

The collation was so bizarre for the 1991 version at least that there is a good chance that you *don't* have a complete set even with 300 cards. That's the subject of next week's post.

Captain Canuck said...

crap. I've already packed that box and you tempt me with this???