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Saturday, June 7, 2008

2003 Play Ball - Jersey cards

I didn't have one of the Play Ball Jersey cards to post, but while looking for an image online I found an auction for a Chipper Jones Play Ball Jersey card. So I bid on it - only so I would be able to inform my loyal readers, mind you - and I ended up winning it. And just maybe six other Chipper jersey and patch cards from the same seller. What? It's all to expand the knowledge base of baseball cards on the internet. Really. So anyway, here's the scan from the auction so you can take a gander at it.

Basically the base card squished a bit to get "Game-Used Memorabilia" on top and a little swatch of jersey shaped like a baseball diamond on bottom. The stretched out diamond is cool in that if it's placed right some swatches can fit two pinstripes on there. Pinstripes used to be cool back in the old days. There were two parallel versions, one numbered to 150 and a gold version numbered to 25. The only autographs available in the set were signed memorabilia cards numbered to 50. T'was a simpler time back then... No patches, no autographs from basketball players or golfers, no box toppers, no cut autos. Then again, compare this set to another Upper Deck homage set from ten years earlier and this is a hedonistic display of excess. I'll wrap this sucker up tomorrow or Monday and we can move on to the next set.

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Dinged Corners said...

We feel smarter already. :)

The diamond-shaped patch is very pleasing.