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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cards Of the Week 06/24/08

The card I wanted to post for Card of the Week hasn't arrived yet, so I hastily scanned a bunch of stuff to use as a backup plan. This week features a whole mess of cards in honor of my flea market haul this past weekend. There was a ten cent box there with a bunch of commons from 2007 and 2008. Probably 90% of it was Topps and Upper Deck, but right in the middle was a big chunk of Moments & Milestones. Even though the rational left side of my brain keeps screaming at me that this set is useless gimmicky junk, the right side said WOO PRETTY LOOKIT THE NUMBERS and I ended up buying it all. Since this stuff is serial numbered to the hilt on multiple team and stat number variations, buying over a dozen packs worth of base cards can cause some interesting numerical oddities to show up. Here's a few neat things I found in my newly found pile of crap.

All Three Jim Thome Variations
(To be fair, I had the Philly variation already)

A Card Numbered 1/150
A Card Numbered 150/150
A Card Numbered the Same Number as the Stat
A Card Where the Serial Number is the Same as the Player's Jersey Number
(eBayers inexplicably go nuts over these things)
(I had this one already too, I just didn't realize the numbers were the same)
Another Card Where the Serial Number is the Same as the Player's Jersey Number
(This one is a little cooler to me for some reason)
A Card Where the Player's Jersey Number is the Same as the Second Part of the Serial Number, Not the First Part
(ok, so this one is cheating)
This Card Has No Interesting Numbers Whatsoever, But the Powder Blue Phillies Retro Uniform Is Freakin' Sweet
(and there's no denying that)
And Finally, Submitted For Your Approval, This Week's Magnificent Spectacular Amazing Card of the Week:
A card serial numbered 10/10 bought for 10 cents.

And it's a card of Brad Hawpe, who would have won me a Fantasy league championship last year had I not been a dumbass and dropped him so I could pick up Jason Bay. What the hell was I thinking?? Oh, it's also a pretty, pretty blue. I like blue. Blue Blue Blue! Yessir, I got me the blues.


deal said...

I love the Rolen ROY card - Rolen actually was the Rookie of the year clear back in 1997. 2001 was Albert Pujols.

Definitely will keep an eye out for this junk in dime boxes.

Gellman said...

Ugh, this set is a parallel abortion. I have no idea why people like this junk and why anyone would even think of paying for it - even at greatly reduced prices. I think the cards are ugly, the idea is so ridiculous that I want to hit the guy in the face who thought of it, and the checklist is more pointless than counting a relief pitcher's "holds" as a stat.

Sorry, M and M needs to go.

Anonymous said...

You bought this stuff in just the right way, right out of the ten cent flea market box. Love the powder blue too.