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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Probably the Only SP Legendary Cuts Card I'll Bother Getting This Year

I hit the card shop today, you can see my other big purchase here. This one cost me all of 50 cents and satisfied my requirement of buying a Chipper Jones card every time I walk in there whether I need to or not. The SP Legendary Cuts boxes must have been ripped left and right recently because they had a nice pile of 'em in the 10 and 50 cent boxes. Legendary Cuts is usually a product I avoid ripping but I'll snatch up the discarded base cards after the hits have all been slabbed away. In years past though, the base cards included actual legendary players, i.e. one who are long retired such as this Yogi card from last year's set. UD managed to screw it up this year by including the same 100 boring current stars that are in every single other set released this year and short printing all the legends to hell.

The design is not bad although the front and back are exactly the same. The front has spot UV coating on Chipper's portrait which has a neat looking cross hatch thing going on at the bottom by the name. Horizontal layouts are pretty uncommon and it's a nice change of pace. Of course nobody who rips this stuff gives a toss about the base design. They just want that cut, baby. It bums me out though that the vintage players get the shaft in this set. With Legendary Cuts moving to a contemporary player base set I don't think there is going to be any set at all this year that focuses mainly on the old timey players. A set with old timers might not even be practical anymore with the lawsuits flying over who can produce cards of who in what set nowadays. Maybe by doing this the manufacturers are telling us to buy the actual vintage cards of vintage players instead of their new products. Hmmm...


Steve Gierman said...

That's a shame. This is usually one of my favorite releases of the year because of the retired players.

--David said...

I agree, what a let down. There's nothing like lawyers to drive a set into the ground.