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Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Reason To Say Pyewp Today

After getting behind by three runs in the first inning due to Omar Infante accidentally using his concrete glove a gimpy Chipper Jones got a limping RBI single in the 8th, former Mariner Greg Norton tied the game with a double in the 9th and Brian McCann got us the win with a walk off single. The M's fired their manager and GM for incompetency, then hired a guy who didn't walk Chipper Jones even though a hit meant a run and Chipper is too hurt to do more than stagger so a walk would burn a pinch runner as well. The homers are flying out of the Ted again today, maybe this means the Braves are finally off the schnide.

Also the Gerogia Bulldogs are in the finals of the College World Series with a win over Stanford. They'll play the winner of the Fresno State - North Carolina game tonight. Steve from White Sox Cards might want to check out a game in order to see Chicago's first rounder, Gordon Beckham, in actionThis is a pretty cool unexpected treat, I'll have the VCR ready to tape any potential World Series Championships. Lord knows it might be a while before the Braves get back... Here's a card of Alum Clint Sammons for good luck.

Finally, I've gotten some cool stuff this weekend from the likes of --David, Mario (Mario sent the McCann up there - thanks Mario!) and Thorzul to show off this week as well as some nifty bargains at the flea market. Some stuff to post on A Pack A Day, Auto-Matic and right here. One of the deals was a pile of my guilty pleasure, Moments And Milestones, big enough to choke a mule for about the price of a pack. I'm in such a good mood I might be giving away a few cards soon to share the wealth. In the meantime I need to set sorting. Sorry Thorzul, no pyewp today!

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